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Landlord Tenant 

If you have questions about an eviction, paying rent late, or a landlord who refuses to make repairs check out the Landlord Tenant Handbook below. If you have questions about a security deposit or injury caused by robbery, assault, or defective and broken property, read on below.    

Security Deposit


Attack or Injury

how do i get my security deposit back?

A landlord has to return your deposit within one month of you moving out or explain to you, in writing, why any part of the deposit was withheld. If you think your security deposit has been improperly withheld click here for a page all about your legal rights as a tenant.  

What can i do to ensure i get my deposit back?

Take pictures of the apartment when you move in and when you move out. Insist on doing a move out inspection with the landlord in person. If the landlord puts charges or damage on the move out inspection that you do not agree with write "Object" next to them before you sign the move out inspection.    

I was attacked at my apartment. Can the landlord be held responsible?

If a landlord's lax security allowed someone to enter your home and attack you or your family you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Examples include landlords who fail or refuse to fix locks or broken gates, landlords who allow criminals to operate on the property, and landlords who fail to provide proper security to the property. Click the button below for a free consultation. 

I was injured because my landlord failed to keep the property in good repair. 

Landlords may skimp on maintenance, creating a hazard for you and your family, in order to save money. If you were injured because a landlord failed to keep the property on good repair you may be entitled to compensation. Examples include broken steps and railings, injury caused by fire, and slip and falls caused by poor maintenance. Click the button below for a free consultation.