Personal Service

My pledge to you

What is personal service?

Personal service is knowing my clients as people, knowing about their injuries and the harm that has befallen them, and knowing the legal issues surrounding their case. It is about personally meeting and speaking with my clients about their case, answering phone calls and emails promptly, listening to and addressing specific concerns a client may have, treating each case and each person as unique, and above all giving your case the full attention it deserves. 

I contrast personal service with impersonal service, which is the treatment tens of thousands of people receive every year from mass market settlement mills handling automobile collisions. At these law firms every case is handled mechanically, often with little or no attorney interaction. It is not uncommon for a single attorney to be responsible for hundreds cases simultaneously and for support staff to perform the bulk of the work on cases. The result is cases that are handled not by attorneys but by paralegals, cases that are pushed through a mechanical process with little regard for the people whose lives these cases represent. 

Impersonal Service

Your initial consultation is with an investigator, who is not an attorney

Your main point of contact is a secretary or case manager

Your calls and emails are ignored or routed through a paralegal

A paralegal, who is not an attorney, negotiates with the insurance company

If your case does not settle it is dropped or farmed out to another law firm. The attorney handling your case may not have filed a lawsuit for months or even years

Personal Service

Your initial consultation will be with an attorney.

Your main point of contact is the attorney and you deal with the attorney directly

The attorney responds to your calls and emails promptly 

The attorney negotiates with the insurance company directly

If the case does not settle you and the attorney decide together how to proceed. Your attorney personally files and prosecutes your case.