Car Accidents

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Automobile Colissions 

Each year there are almost 100,000 automobile collisions in Georgia. The vast majority of them are caused by one persons carelessness and failure to observe the rules of the road. Even a minor collision can cause great upset in your life. Without a car you may find yourself unable to go to work, unable to pick up your children from school, and unable to participate in social or community activities. Even worse, you may suffer physical injuries from the collision that cause you pain and discomfort. As medical bills, car repairs, and lost wages add up you face the daunting task of dealing with a major insurance carrier who has the singular goal of paying you as little money as possible. 

It is essential that you have someone on your side. The insurance company is not your friend, even if they pretend to be. An attorney with experience in automobile collisions can help you navigate the complicated world of insurance coverage, can ensure that you receive compensation for every harm done to you and your family, and can advocate on your behalf from a position of strength and knowledge. My job, in a sentence, is to take the burden off of your shoulders and place it on my own.

I am honored that my clients put their trust in me. There is a great feeling in giving a voice to the voiceless and advocating for the underdog. If you have been harmed in an automobile collision I may be able to help you. Click below to contact me for a free, no obligation consultation. 

do i have to use an attorney?

No. You could handle the entire process yourself, including filing your own lawsuit and trying your own case. You will be up against an insurance company, who will definitely hire an attorney, and will be doing everything they can to deny you compensation. I have personally known insurance adjusters and their attorneys to lie, withhold information, and file frivolous motions and objections in lawsuits. Having someone on your side ensures that you get the full benefit of the law.

how much do you charge?

For most cases I charge a contingency fee, whereby the attorney takes a percentage of the total recovery. If there is no recovery there is no fee. Contingency percentages typically range from 25%-40% depending on the case and are usually two tiered, whereby the client pays a lower rate if the case settles and a higher rate if the case goes to court. The particular fee arrangement depends on the case and will be spelled out in the attorney client contract.  

do i have to go to court?

You should be prepared to go to court but you never have to go to court. Most cases settle for an agreeable amount before a lawsuit is filed. Even after a lawsuit is filed it is not uncommon for cases to settle before the case goes in front of a jury. Before a lawsuit is filed you and I will go over the case, the last settlement offer, the costs and benefits of filing a lawsuit, and then you will decide whether or not to instruct me to file suit.

my friend told me if _____ happens i cannot recover any money?

Often after an automobile collision well meaning friends and family try to offer advice. The information they give ranges from right to wrong to irrelevant, and everything in between. I offer free consultations and can provide you with a correct answer to any questions or concerns you may have about your collision. In particular, you should know:

  • You may be able to recover compensation even if the other driver does not have insurance

  • You may be able to recover compensation even if the other driver fled the scene and was not caught

  • It is irrelevant whether or not you were wearing a seat belt

  • It is irrelevant whether or not you have health insurance

  • You do not have to accept the valuation of your vehicle

how much is my case worth?

This is a very common and very complicated question. Typically I cannot provide an accurate valuation of a case until I know the full scope of your injuries and harm caused to you. Once you have finished your treatment and I have calculated the full cost of all the harm done to you I can provide you with a range of values for your case.   


About Robert Cairns

Robert Cairns is an Atlanta native who attended Oglethorpe University before earning his law degree at Georgia State University College of Law. He passed the Bar Exam on his first attempt in 2014 and was sworn in on Halloween.

Robert previously worked for a large Atlanta personal injury firm where he handled hundreds of automobile collisions. He is admitted to practice before the State and Superior Courts of Georgia, the Court of Appeals of Georgia, the Supreme Court of Georgia, and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.