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Traffic Tickets in Atlanta

A small mistake on the road, even one that doesn't harm anyone, can cost you thousands of dollars in fines and higher insurance rates. Metro Atlanta courts do not make the process any easier and have complex and complicated procedures that are designed to get you to just give up and pay the fine. An attorney can help you avoid fines, avoid points on your license, and avoid having to appear in court. Click the button below for a free consultation.  


What are my options to deal with a traffic ticket?

Your options include: a full jury trial, a plea deal, a dismissal, a driver's education course, a nolo plea, and many other outcomes. How we approach your case will depend on your driving history, the circumstances of the ticket, the court you are in, and external factors like where you live and how quickly you want your ticket resolved.   

Do I have to go to court?

Usually you do not have to go to court, but in many cases it is to your advantage to appear. It shows the prosecutor you are serious about fighting your ticket and if we reach a plea deal you can pay the fine immediately and walk out of court free and clear.

What is a reportable offense and why should i worry about having one?

A reportable offense is a traffic violation that becomes part of your official driving record. Reportable offenses are a major factor insurance companies use when determining your rates for years in the future. Avoiding a reportable offense is my number one priority. 

How much do you charge?

Rates for traffic tickets start at $300 and vary based on the complexity of the ticket and the county the ticket was issued in. In general, my fee is much less than the fine and the higher insurance rates you will pay. You will never pay for a consultation and the fee will be agreed upon before you are asked to sign a contract.

My friend did _______ and his ticket went away.

What worked one time with one particular case will not necessarily work for you. It also may not be the right solution for your situation. Don't end up paying thousands of dollars in fines and higher insurance rates because of misinformation. Contact an attorney for a free consultation.   

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Don't pay thousands of dollars in fines and higher insurance rates if you don't have to. Get a free consultation with an attorney and understand your options before you plead guilty, pay a fine, or take time off of school or work to go to court.