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I help people who have been harmed, through negligence or willful conduct, obtain compensation for their injuries.


Have you been harmed?

physical injury

An automobile collision can leave you and your family with physical injuries, some of which are not apparent at the time of the collision. Some people may also suffer an aggravation of an existing injury. Regardless of whether or not you have health insurance you may be able to recover all of your medical expenses.  

Landlord tenant

A landlord tenant relationship is one person's home and another person's business. Protect yourself from losing your home or from massive civil liability by knowing your legal rights during an eviction.    

traffic tickets

We all make mistakes. But the wrong mistake can add points to your license and cause higher insurance rates that can last for years. Many people just pay the fine and accept the result, but an experienced attorney may be able to have your ticket thrown out or your fine reduced. 


How Can I Help You?

There is no charge for an initial consultation. While any communication you send to me is confidential, this communication does not create an attorney client relationship.

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